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Out with the old (install) and in with the NEW!! - FINISHED - NA7CS - Curt - 03-31-2017 07:09 PM

I decided my mobile install needed a little revitalization, so I went to work today. My old install used a two-piece rack from Gall's. It had plenty of room, but in the configuration I had it in it had a tendency to wobble.

From the top there is my Magnum 10M all-mode mobile, Motorola XPR4550 UHF (403 - 470 MHz) 45W DMR rig, and finally my Motorola XTL2500 VHF (136 - 174 MHz) 110W P25 control head. The radio itself is mounted under the passengers seat. The dealy hanging off the side is my battery charger for my /\/\ HT's.

[Image: DSC01129_zpsauwzmkve.jpg]

[Image: DSC01131_zpste0gomw6.jpg]

So in a fit of weakness, I purchased a Havis console for my truck.
[Image: DSC01135_zps3ur8txrc.jpg]

After some hard work, a little cussing and several breaks here is the semi-finished product
P.S. Ignore my foot in the picture, the flip flops are a little more comfortable. Big Grin
[Image: DSC01137_zpsywhvz7ca.jpg]

This console has room for all my gear, plus a space for my trailer brake. Also included are two fused 20A power points (cigarette lighter).

[Image: DSC01136_zpscuhy8aqh.jpg]

As you might have noticed, there is an open space in the bottom of the console. I am debating on whether I want to put my Motorola GM300 for 10M FM there, my Magnum 10M all-mode, or close it up and hang the next radio off the bottom. I am also going to change the color of the display on my VHF radio from red to amber or green.

All wiring, relays and speaker(s) are housed in the console giving it a very clean look. I also added two switches to the console on the left side. One if for my off-road/driving lights, the other is to power the ignition sense for my /\/\ radios. In short, with the flip of a switch I can power up, or off my radios. The ignition sense takes less than an amp and is used to tell the radio the ignition has been turned on. This is a GREAT battery saver!

RE: Out with the old (install) and in with the NEW!! - W6SDM-Steve - 04-01-2017 07:10 PM

That looks very nice. The new console made a tremendous difference in appearance but it also seems to make the radios more secure from thieving hands. One thing I learned from mounting mobile equipment is that what is satisfactory in the garage or driveway may be totally unacceptable when you're on the road, or even more so when you're off road. I just went through a similar project to remount everything to prevent vibration and things bouncing loose.

RE: Out with the old (install) and in with the NEW!! - NA7CS - Curt - 04-01-2017 09:36 PM

Thanks! Oddly enough, removing the lower half of the dashboard was easy; and the Havis console used the existing mount points to put it all back together. With the exception of the lower mount points. They are 1/4" bolts and pretty tight. Next project is to mount my ToughBook and connect it to the XTL2500's 9600 baud modem for some computer interfacing. Providing I decide to go through with it. That would provide mobile data coms and/or APRS via 2M. I can also configure my XPR4550 with its internal GPS to use a DMR gateway for APRS if I desire as well.

With the right face plate I can even mount the control head of my Kenwood TS-480HX HF rig in the lower slot(s). And Havis does have face plates for just about every radio, or type of radio manufactured. The others like Jotto do not.

RE: Out with the old (install) and in with the NEW!! - FINISHED!! - NA7CS - Curt - 04-29-2017 04:28 PM

I finally finished my install!! Big Grin It will be on display everywhere I go.

This is the left side of the console with my trailer brake control, storage pocket, /\/\ portable battery charger (can use the radio while in the charger with a speaker-mic) and two fused 20A power points. The far left switch turns on my driving/off road lights and the one glowing red turns all my radios on & off.

[Image: DSC01152_zps9hfuw8oy.jpg]

The right side of the console contains my radios, relays, power connections and everything else to keep the install fused & safe. Starting from the top is a Motorola XTL2500 P25 VHF radio (110 W), next is a Motorola XPR 4550 MotoTRBO UHF (45 W), below that are 2 - fused USB power connectors (1.0A & 2.1A) and a 15 A fused power connector. Last in the chain is a Motorola GM300 (60 W) programmed for 10M FM.

[Image: DSC01156_zpsf8kallbq.jpg]

This is a view from the passenger side showing how the microphone clips are off-set for easy access. The gaps you see in the USB charger / power connector are there intentionally. It allows for air flow from the internal cooling fan added to keep the XPR4550 and all the relays, etc cool.

[Image: DSC01159_zpscdbae5y3.jpg]

Still need to vacuum out the trimmings, etc from customizing (i.e. drilling & self-tapping screws).

RE: Out with the old (install) and in with the NEW!! - FINISHED - W6SDM-Steve - 04-30-2017 05:25 PM

Looks good. Now all you need is the vacuum cleaner. Smile

I see you have plenty of 5-volt and 12-volt outlets... you can never have too many of those. I like to keep at least one available when the ignition is off some when the ignition is on. I hate the idea of running the engine or leaving the ignition on just to charge something.