• "Yours may be fast..."
  • "...but mine can go anywhere"

Contact Me

I am usually pretty easy to get ahold of. That is unless you're one of the many former girlfriends, ex-wives, bill collectors, or bounty hunters that seem interested in my whereabouts. In that case, you've got the wrong Steve Miller. Otherwise, feel free to send me a message.


I can't guarantee that I won't answer a video call in a wife beater and boxers, but take a chance and call me anyway.  


Tell me what you really think - in 140 characters or less.


Instagram is my favorite social media account. Ocasionally I post new pictures - if you click on this button and follow me, you wont miss a thing.


Track Me

I use a system called APRS, which stands for Automatic Packet Reporting System, which is available to licensed ham radio operators. Think of it as an ankle bracelet for hams. Anyone can track my movements if I am in the Jeep as my radio constantly sends out location packets. Even if I am not moving, you can see the last location that I reported. This system is fantastic for creating flash mobs. It also has a practical application in off road navigation and search and rescue operations.

Send a Message

It's been years. No cards, no flowers. Go ahead, send an e-mail.

Locate me on APRS

This will bring up my present or last known location using the web site aprs.fi.

I'm Good on QRZ.com!

QRZ.com is much like a Facebook for Amateur Radio Operators.